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Our business has been handling tree services in Des Moines, Iowa for years. We believe that all Des Moines homeowners have a right to affordable tree service by a reputable company.

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Tree Trimming and pruning

It’s important to keep your trees pruned and trimmed to extend the life and health of the tree – These are crucial part so proper tree care. Some of the benefits of a tree service like pruning and trimming are: provide clearance, reduce shade, reduce wind resistance, increase life span, improve aesthetics, improve view, influence flower and fruit production, and reduce risk of failure.


During our maintenance procedures, our Des Moines Tree Service will alert you to rotting, insect infestations or any other conditions which compromise the future health of the tree.

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Stump Removal / Tree Removal

We have all seen it before, a tree that is overgrown and/or planted in the wrong spot. Many times, home builders do not take into account correct placement of trees and how invasive that tree can be to a nearby house, shed, or fence. Leaving a tree to grow in a spot that is too small or has property close to it can result in damage to that property including more costly fixes such as foundation lifting, cracking pavement or blockage of pipes.


Many people think that tree removal can be a ‘do it yourself’, but it can be a dangerous task for anyone without the correct equipment. We are the experts with the right tools to make sure that the stump and tree removal process happens correctly.

Our goal is simple: to safely remove the tree without harming plants in the landscape or damaging the property in any other way.

Emergency Tree Services

Here in Des Moines, IA severe weather or an early or late snowstorm can cause irreparable harm to a tree. In the event of an emergency situation with your trees, our tree experts are available when you need them most.


Even if your trees do not appear to be damaged after a weather event, it is recommended to have your property inspected by a certified tree specialist who can detect conditions and symptoms that could lead to future problems.

emergency tree services

Lot Clearing/Brush Removal

Regular brush removal is needed to prevent your property to becoming the neighborhood eyesore. Money are unaware that this falls into the tree service category.


Whether you are needing to clear a new lot of brush and debris or your property is due for its yearly tree and brush cleanup, we are the people for the job.

Bulk Mulch and Wood Chipping​

Tree and brush chipping is a common means of removing limbs and branches after they have been cut and removed. Getting rid of tree waste without burning is an environmentally friendly option.

Tree trimming, stump removal, or removing a large amount of brush from a property is only half of the job. Removing the brush and wood is the other half and one that can be best done by the use of a chipper.

Tree Services in Des Moines Iowa

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If you’re in Des Moines, Iowa and need tree trimmingtree or stump removal, or any type of tree care – Don’t hesitate to give our Des Moines Tree Services a call. Our team is happy to come out to your location and provide free estimates at any time, simply call and request one.

We guarantee your satisfaction and to provide Des Moines, IA customers with the most top-notch tree care and service every time.