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Why Should I Get My Trees Trimmed?

There are a number of reasons why this is an important part of your property’s maintenance. First of all, trees make up one of the largest structures on your property and keeping them healthy with regular trimming will ensure that they have a long life and do not pose a threat to nearby structures or people. Limbs can break at any time and if they are touching or overhanging a house can tear at shingles, break windows. Fences are just as susceptible, and trees should be regularly pruned to limit damage to these nearby structures.

What Should I Look For in a Tree Service Company?

Property owners looking for a tree service company should ask candidate service companies how long they have been in business and their level of expertise as an arborist. Ask each company how often they perform regular tree maintenance and their process. Basically, a tree service should possess experience, quality and reliability. You should also only work with a professional that has secured insurance coverage.

Do I Need to Hire a Professional to Remove my Tree?

For trees that have incurred damage, disease or any other ailment that requires it to be removed, the removal should always be performed by a tree specialist. There are simply too many safety risks and property damage potential if taken on by someone that is not experienced in this field. A tree removal professional will have the right equipment with the experience to ensure that the tree is removed safely and quickly.

How Does the Tree Removal Process Work?

Tree removal contains many steps to ensure that the property and our workers are kept safe at all times during the process. We will assess the tree to determine its condition and which way it should come down. We consult with the property owner to go over the plan of action, then using our state-of-the art equipment, knowledge and techniques, begin the removal process. We know exactly where to cut, undercut and back cut during the removal until the stump remains. Stump removal is recommended to give the landscape a fresh look and ready the area for future plantings of the homeowner’s choice.

Is Stump Grinding Necessary?

While stump grinding is not required, it is recommended for several reasons.  Stumps can grow new tree sprouts if not maintained and cause extra work to keep this growth in check. The exposed interior trunk also attracts unwanted pests that can build homes in these wooden fortresses. Stump removal will ensure that this obstacle is not getting in the way of mowing or landscaping. Many chemical products on the market claim to kill stumps, but that is usually a very lengthy process that yields mediocre to little results.