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Tree Removal Des Moines, Iowa

Here are some things to consider when considering tree service for tree or stump removal.

Tree Health.

Overall health of a tree can be determined by looking at the leaves, the shape and noting if there is a section that is dying or dead. Removal of the tree may not be necessary and recovery may be possible.

Undesirable Tree Species

Tree Removal Des MoinesSoft wood leading to breakage, shallow roots that damage lawns and pavement, large amounts of debris dropping in the fall, prone to insect infestation, prone to disease infestation or being an invasive species that is difficult to control and proliferates readily and easily.

Large Dead Branches

A tree may need to be removed if a large portion of the limbs incurred damage. If it’s less than 25%, tree services are still needed – damaged limbs should be removed, and overall tree trimming and pruning should be performed for proper tree care.

Base Sprouts

New tree sprouts from the base of the tree is a response that the tree is under severe stress due to some severe condition. It’s important to have a tree specialist assess the tree to assess the overall health and what type of tree service may be needed. The sooner this condition is caught, the better chance that proper tree care can save it.

Root Damage

If construction, excavation, or underground repairs have damaged more than 50% of the tree’s roots, the tree may need to be removed.

Trunk Damage

Trunks that show blackened areas, large areas of bark loss, vertical cracks suggest major damage to the trunk’s internal structure, health and strength. It’s important to contact a tree specialist to determine the extent of the damage and see if any tree service is needed.

Hollow Trunk

The outer edges of the trunk are the critical piece in the life support of the tree, so a tree can actually survive for many years with a hollow trunk. The problem arises when the trunk’s strength is compromised due to the hollow space. If over 33 percent of the trunk interior is hollow, then it may pose a risk and removal may be necessary.

Leaning Tree / Near Power Lines

A leaning tree indicates breakage or weakening of roots and tree should probably be removed immediately. A professional can help thin or prune a tree that has grown into power lines. During wet weather in Des Moines, IA electricity can arc as much as ten feet to wet tree foliage and ground out causing a power failure or property damage. Homeowners should never attempt to remove tree limbs anywhere near power lines.

Stump Removal / Stump Grinding

Stump removal involves removing the stump as well as all of the roots which are attached to it. Stump grinding is often an easier solution as it doesn’t involve removing the roots. One of our professionals can grind down the tree trunk until it’s gone.

Tree Removal Services Des Moines, IA

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