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Tree Trimming Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines, IA homeowners may delay regular tree trimming to save money or they don’t see anything wrong with their trees. But proper tree care and regular tree trimming can help your trees live longer.

Tree Services – Why Your Tree Needs Trimming:

  1. Tree Strength and Health

Proper tree care and structure is important for a tree to be strong and healthy. Regular trimming or pruning to remove overgrowth creates a healthy structure and prevents the need for more costly and less aesthetic corrective pruning.

Additionally, utilizing a tree service for pruning removes any infested, diseased or rotted limbs that could cause greater damage or ultimately death of the tree.

  1. Personal safety and less chance of property damage

Waiting to prune trees can result in overgrowth that weakens the overall structure, making it more prone to limbs breaking and falling during severe storms or high winds.

Wood rot, Infestations or disease gives the tree additional weak spots. Any of these conditions commonly result in house damage, property damage or worse, physical injury.

  1. Keeping your landscape beautiful

Trees are normally a focal point of a home or business landscape. They are also one of the biggest investments in your landscape. Regular tree pruning keeps the trees shaped and also allows the sun to reach the ground giving the grass, flowers and shrubs at the base of the tree a chance to thrive.

When to Trim Your Trees

Tree Trimming Des MoinesDeciding when to call a tree service to trim your trees will depend on the type of trees on your property.

Deciduous Trees

The most common time of the year to prune deciduous trees is during the winter when the tree is dormant. It also gives the tree trimmer a good view of the limb structure with the absence of leaves and allows for the selection and removal of appropriate branches. February through March is the preferred time in Iowa for deciduous tree pruning with the exception of oak trees which should be pruned in December, January or February.

If a tree is damaged and needs pruning outside of these months, it should still be performed for the reasons already mentioned in this article.

Evergreen Trees

Pine, spruce and fir trees require little pruning. Broken, diseased or dead branches can be removed at any time of the year. Evergreen trees can also be shaped or encouraged to grow denser via pruning. Winter is the best time to remove unwanted lower branches.

Fruit Trees

To increase the yield from a fruit tree, pruning should be performed in late February to early April. The general rule is to complete pruning before the fruit trees leaf out in early spring.

Trimming Requirements Over the Life of a Tree

Trees need different tree care based on their age. The good news is that if a tree is set up for success early in its life, the pruning requirements diminish over time and the property owner is left with strong, beautiful mature trees.

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